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  • Criminal Defense

    When the government comes after you, we understand the comfort of having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.
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  • Traffic and DUI Defense

    Your license to drive impacts almost every aspect of your life. That's why we zealously fight to protect your driving record and your liberty.
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  • Juvenile Delinquency

    Don't leave your child at the mercy of police, school administrators, or other officials to be searched, questioned, and prosecuted without proper legal guidance.
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  • Family-Based Immigration

    You want your family together, but the process can be complicated. Get the informed legal guidance and advocacy you need to skillfully navigate the process.
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Traffic and DUI Defense  

Being charged with a traffic offense can have many consequences--fines, administrative hearings, points on your driving record, suspension or revocation of your right to drive, and/or a jail sentence.  In today's mobile society, it is more important than ever to obtain the advice and assistance of an attorney experienced in the law and procedures that apply in traffic court and at administrative hearings before the motor vehicle administration. 

Caeb Colravy, Esq. has been zealously defending people charged with traffic violation for more than 12 years.  He will provide you with the guidance and advocacy necessary to ensure that your legal rights are protected and that your matter results in the most favorable outcome available.  To learn about Mr. Colravy's legal experience, click here.  To schedule a consultation to discuss your case with an attorney, click here