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    Don't leave your child at the mercy of police, school administrators, or other officials to be searched, questioned, and prosecuted without proper legal guidance.
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    You want your family together, but the process can be complicated. Get the informed legal guidance and advocacy you need to skillfully navigate the process.
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What are DACA and DAPA and what is this case before the Supreme Court  all about?




Would you know what to do if the police stop or arrest you?




Curious about DC medical marijuana laws?



Know your rights and what to do when you are stopped or questioned by the police.




Communicating with Children is Different 


The juvenile court advocacy organizations TeamChild and Juvenile Indigent Defense Action Network (JIDAN) have developed this excellent guide on ways to improve communication with children about legal proceedings.  To read their recommendations for the Washington Judicial Colloquies Project, click the following link:



How to Protect Your Rights When Dealing with the Police


Would you know what to say to protect your constitutional rights if the police stopped you and started asking questions?  



  • Here is an informative video about how to act and what to say if you have been arrested, produced by TeamChild.  You are Charged With a Crime


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